Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter Vacation

With so much going on in our lives in the past couple of months, we seized the opportunity to get away to Smuggler's Notch Vermont, a family ski resort, at the end of January for a bit of skiing and family fun. It was a deal we would have been stupid to pass up and best of all, our lovely friends Peggy, Jay, Katherine & Dominic were able to share the experience.

We were given short notice about the room availability and dates. It was a struggle to get several things accomplished and sorted before the trip, but everything came together in the end. We were able to get our gear rental from the MWR (Naval Base) for cheap! Then our generous neighbors up there gave us 3 extra lift tickets, so we all skied for free. We were able to put Atticus in ski camp for an additional day, which he absolutely loved!

The most fulfilling part of the trip was seeing Atticus and Katherine take so confidently and naturally to skiing. I hadn't felt this much joy seeing them in a very long time! It was a moment in time realizing how grown up our little boy is now.

I can't say enough how happy this trip made me and that we plan to try hard to go again next year!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Back

I am seeing myself more and more as a seasonal blogger. It's always really fun to go back, but difficult to choose the best pictures that portray what our life has been like the past few months. This fall season has been no exception to having a full and eventful plate.

September was filled with family having gone down to visit Bonnie and Leo for a week over Labor Day and then my mom coming to visit until Oct 1.

October was the best and busiest month. We seized every weekend by taking full advantage of the spirit of fall here in New England. The first weekend we enjoyed regrouping from September and listening to General Conference. The second weekend we planned an overnight camping trip to Sharon, VT staying at Camp Joseph and visiting the Joseph Smith Memorial site there with some fun stops along the way. Then when Bonnie came soon after, Adam and I headed to NYC to celebrate our anniversary for 4 days! We didn't take many pictures because we were having so much fun doing other things. We spent Bonnie's last week closing on the selling of our house in SC and then headed to the Lakes Region in NH for a foliage filled day with a two mile hike. The finale to this great month ended with our Hall-o-weekend, which we dressed up and went trick or treating three times!

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

I've taken up a hobby in collecting sea glass as my outlet away from the kids. Any ideas of what I can do with it? My mom got even way more into it than me.

The most peaceful, magical place where I find all my sea glass!
Harper relaxing on our road trip to VT

Special stop just for Atticus to this amazing train museum. It was heaven for this little boy.
Camp Joseph

Only decent picture taken in NYC, kind of a bummer.
Harper at friend Annie's B-Day party at the Commons
Atticus's Pee Wee soccer team

Hiking on Lockes Hill in the Lakes Region of NH

Best buds going to a farm.
Harper pulling her man Dominic on the wagon

What do I say to this face!?
This was our FHE one Monday night.

We were the circus...
with another partner in crime.

On actual Halloween Adam's wish came true and he was able to be himself.
I on the otherhand wanted to get the most out of dressing up this year!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fun in the Sun

We have had an eventful and memorable summer. It began with many friends and family visitors- Kristina, Cameron & Heather, Bonnie & Leo, then Tracy for the fourth of July. Then the busyness faded and we began having simpler days of summer with the beach and a camping trip. Since we don't know how much longer we have until the Coast Guard moves us again, we've utilized our convenient beach access as often as we can. Friends come down at least once a week, including an organized day when other moms from church bring their kids down for the morning every other week. Lately we've enjoyed taking the kids right before bed time too, which compliments our relaxing, nightly routine. Our world was shaken a bit when Adam came home with second degree burns that turned into grape size blisters all over his hands! He was in a lot of pain and got two weeks off for it. We made lemonade out of lemons by enjoying the simplicity of our days. Plus, we saw Harry Potter!

Making this driftwood wreath brought in the spirit of summer for me!

Kristina and Atticus became good buddies.

Atticus' large Birthday cupcake on 6/7/11.
Atticus' Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake for his birthday party.
My first piano recital after beginning in April.
Grandma Jean at 85. Loving every moment of her here.

Grandma Bon Bon & Poppy were able to be at Atticus' 3rd birthday party.

At the beach...

Harper is our climber.

Loves watermelon after a hot day at the beach. Doesn't mind the stickiness one bit!

Harper & her mangly hair mullet.

Somebody suggested buzzing her head to let it grow in nicer, so we did.
(It really worked by the way!)

Hanging out with the boys.

Strawberry Picking.

4th of July spread.

Our sibling friends and neighbor Esme.
(From the left: Esme, Dominic, Annie, Katherine, Emily, Atticus & Harper)

Family photo opp!

Our favorite friends who we spent 4th of July with!

Packing for Camping Trip 2011 with the Robarts.

Helping dad set up the tent.

Harper in one of her happier camping moments.

Such a big boy rowing all by himself.

The freak show.

More freak show.

Family grocery trip.

My two favorite flowers.

Our Portsmouth Harbor Tour alone with Atticus. Love him!!d